small sextant icon Sun Almanac 2024

First of all let me say this is not a comprehensive Nautical Almanac as it only gives the GHA and Declination for the Sun. If you are the sort of navigator who shoots multiple starsights at dawn and dusk and works out his Longitude from Lunar Distance, then this is not the almanac for you.

If however you are new to Astro Navigation, or are content to establish your position solely from the Sun, this Almanac and the associated Sight Reduction Tables will suffice.

To reduce a Sunsight the only things you need to know are the height of the Sun above the horizon, the precise time of your sight, plus the Greenwich Hour Angle (GHA) and Declination of the Sun. Your sextant, a decent watch, this Almanac and the correct Sight Reduction Tables for your Latitude will give you all information you need.

The Almanac now includes a table giving the Meridian Passage of the Sun for every day of the year. This table is only valid for one year.

The Almanac includes pages for GHA Interpolation, Declination Corrections and Sextant corrections. These pages do not go out of date.

2024 Sun Almanac

If you require a more comprehensive Nautical Almanac have a look HERE where you will find everything you need.

Finally, just in case you think astronavigation is too difficult, here's a picture of my son taken when he was 10. He's 'shooting the sun' with my 1939 Husun vernier sextant while his little sister looks on. We then went on to reduce the second sight of the day for our Sun-run-Sun fix.

shooting the sun